We all know why DIY exists. DIY not only saves you $, but can also provide you with a sense of achievement.

Regardless of the direction you choose, please visit our FAQ page prior to making your final determination of the best installation for your needs.

Our FAQ page addresses nearly every question from difficulty of assembly to every question you will expect to hear from your local building department.

We have developed a downloadable PDF document for you to print out, and help you in navigating the permit process. This document can be found on our FAQ page.​​




We work with local contractors and dealers, capable of providing installation services in your area.

If you wish to receive a quote to include professional installation, we are happy to do so.  Please specify this when calling or when contacting us on the Contact Us page.

Furthermore, due to the rapid demand we have experienced, we're always looking for additional installers for specific regions.

If you are a licensed contractor or specialty contractor, and would like to learn more about providing installation services, please contact us on the Contact Us. We will return your request for information as soon as possible.

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Hours of operation (pacific)

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Due to the uniqueness of our products, many of them can be installed by a handy homeowner.

However, please remember that our products should be installed by someone with some construction experience, or a minimal understanding of building techniques. Doing so will provide you with the outcome you desire.

Some of the simple questions to ask yourself when considering DIY vs. professional installation are...

1. Do I have the minimal tools required?

2. Do I possess the minimal skills/know how to ensure the product is installed properly?

3. Is a permit going to be required?

​4. Do I have the time to perform the installation properly?

If you're unsure of any of the above questions, please call us for more information. Furthermore, please visit our FAQ page, where you'll find more information to help you decide which form of installation is most appropriate for your needs.