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We don't use sales tactics! What's the point in persuading you into liking or purchasing our products? You call. You ask questions. We provide answers. Yes, it really is that simple!

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Quick Estimates

​​​​​​​BIG difference​: Our products are NOT typical smooth-wall cylinders extrusions you find with most suppliers.

Our products are manufactured using...

* Premium quality aluminum (yes there are differences in aluminum)

* We ONLY use stainless steel fasteners

Lexan roof system

       * 240 times stronger than glass

       * Blocks 100% of UV rays

       * Reduces heat up to 75%​

​       * Will not yellow or fade over time

​Additional Standard Features Include

* Precision drilled & tapped holes

* Built-in rain gutters & downspouts

* Withstand 85-110 mph winds

* Roof load capacities of 20-130 lbs. sq/ft.

You can read more about our products on our Materials page.

​Premium Quality

We are the manufacturer and direct distributor of Modern, freestanding awnings & carports. Our products can be purchased and shipped throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Our products are made of premium grade, heavy-duty materials that never require maintenance. Our products are the preferred solution for many industries, including residential, commercial, government, etc. Restaurants and golf courses love them too! Our products withstand extreme heat and extreme cold.

Visit our gallery page to see some of the  ways our customers have put our products to use.

​​​​Available in US & Canada

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